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Vegas-styled slots guide

Vegas-styled slots are similar to the ones found on the gambling floors of land-based casinos in Macau, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno. Although here we are talking about online slot games, the gameplay and mechanics of the game are very similar to the physical slot machines.

Vegas slots are a type of video slot designed to provide combination wins via spinning reels that are managed by a random number generator. This ensures that wins cannot be fixed or determined beforehand, making winning outcomes purely luck-based ones.

Vegas vs other slots

Vegas-styled online slots are copies of the popular slot machines found in Las Vegas and other famous casino floors. There is great demand for these slots, and as such many of them are now available for online users.

They are designed specifically for you to wager and play against the house. The outcome of Vegas slots is purely random.

Game features of Vegas-styled slots

Vegas video slot games produce combinations by the use of reels, with symbols on them. The number of reels on a machine can vary from 3 reels on vintage slots up to 5 reels on more modern titles. There are the odd games that hold a higher volume of reels, but these are few and far between.

The symbols can have just about any thematic picture on them but usually consist of lower-value icons, higher-value icons and special icons like scatters, bonus symbols and wild symbols. The special-value symbols can be used to help complete combinations or to trigger special features. The higher- and lower-value symbols must form combinations of 3 or more to win you payouts based on the value of that specific icon.

Paylines are generally set patterns, which can vary from game to game. Should you land a combination of 3 or more symbols consecutively from left to right on a payline, you will win credits towards your bankroll. Certain games have varying paylines which increase as your wager increases.

Special features

Modern Vegas slots just about always have special features attached to the game, which are a huge draw for players seeking that extra thrill. Because of the degree of competition in the slots segment, providers try to outdo each other all the time. This means that more and more innovative special features are making their way into the modern and technologically advanced games.

Here are just four of the more popular special features offered in modern Vegas-styled video slots:

●    Free Spins

Certain combinations of symbols (usually scatter icons or wild icons) can trigger special rounds whereby you are afforded a specific number of spins for free. These are often a great source of nice wins, as you don’t lose funds on dud spins, but you do capitalise on every winning spin. Of all of the special features offered in online slots, this feature is by far the most sought-after. Often players won’t even engage in certain games if there are no or very few free spins on offer.

●    Pick Feature

Some games will allow you to trigger pick features. With these, usually a number of random symbols are spread out on a screen, and you are able to click on some of them to reveal rewards. Rewards range from instant cash prizes to progressive jackpot wins, free spins or additional multipliers. It’s a handy little feature, especially when paired with a free spin feature round.

●    Stacked Wilds

Wild symbols are always a treat in slot games, as they usually substitute for standard symbols to help you complete winning combinations. The more of these on the screen at once, the better. “Stacked wilds” is a term for wilds that appear stacked on top of each other two, three or more high on a single reel. The chances of completing combinations are much greater here.

●    Cascading or Tumbling Reels

Various providers have different terms for this feature, but the more common terms are ‘cascading’ or ‘tumbling’ reels. If you spin a combination win, the symbols in the combo will disappear. The symbols above them will then tumble down to fill those places, giving another chance for a combination to form. The reels will stop cascading the moment no more combinations can be formed. This feature is not found as often as the above three, but when it is discovered in a game, it is a real treat.

For more information on how to play slots online, please visit our Online Slots Quick Guide.

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