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Play and try winning big progressive slot jackpots

Slot jackpots / Progressive jackpots

A jackpot is essentially the highest win that can be attained on a slot game. It is possible for a single game to offer more than one, each can be won in different ways.

This guide explains the differences between a standard combination jackpot and a progressive jackpot and provides you with some tips to winning the highest jackpot possible. For more detailed information on jackpots, and which games offer the best ones, you can visit our Jackpot landing page.

As mentioned previously, there are two primary kinds of jackpots available on slot games online: combination jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Combination jackpots

This is the highest payout available through a standard combination win. It’s usually won by landing 5 of the highest paying symbols on a single payline. Lower volatility slots offer between 100x and 1000x your wager but can be landed more regularly than the higher volatility slots, which offer you between 10,000x to over 100,000x your total bet.

Progressive jackpots

This type of jackpot accumulates as you play. Generally, a percentage of each wager is added to the jackpot total. These kinds of jackpots can be limited to specific games at specific casinos, but the bigger ones are offered on either specific games across all platforms hosting the game, or on a series of games across. So, a percentage of the wager from every player playing those games is added to the total, resulting in giant potential wins.

What’s more is that many progressive slots don’t only offer one progressive jackpot but can have two or three. Usually, there is a major, medium and minor jackpot up for grabs.

Progressive jackpot rounds are usually triggered at random after any spin, although some activated bonus rounds in some games may give players a chance to trigger a progressive jackpot.

Tips on winning big jackpots

There is no fool proof way to ensure that a jackpot is won whenever you play a game, as all slots are programmed with a random number generator. So, these hints are not given to teach you how to force a jackpot, as this is impossible, but rather how to win big if the odds fall in your favour.

● The rate at which a combinational jackpot pays out when a combination is landed is subject to the bet you have placed. Also, as far as progressive jackpots are concerned, which of the major, medium or minor Jackpots you win is down to your wager. You need to try and have the highest wager in place if you trigger any form of jackpot. To make this more likely don’t keep your bet consistent; change it up every few spins to give you a chance of landing big rewards.

● Successful slot gaming can often prove to be a marathon. You need to ensure that you can put in the hours. The longer you are in front of the reels, the more likely you are to win.

● Be selective over which slots you play. Read up on the maximum jackpots available before embarking on the game.

● Check when the jackpot was last claimed. If it was that day, the chances are that the progressive jackpot will not payout again on the same day. It does happen, but very rarely.

● Check the game volatility vs the return to player ratio. A high volatility game is likely to pay out well, but you will need to have money to play with as the wins are not very frequent. If you combine medium to high volatility with an RTP of over 96% you are onto a good paying slot. Low volatility games will pay out far more often, but the jackpots are rarely big.

● At Wishmaker we provide jackpot games by the best and most reputable games providers. Some pay out millions of euros when the major jackpot is landed, such as Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah.

● Use the bonuses offered to you on your Wishmaker journey. These will help you chew up time during the marathon you need to run.

We hope that this guide brings you good fortunes in the future and that you might have the chance of winning life-changing money. While you may set your sights on a big payout, be sure to play wisely, and remember that normal combination wins and other bonus features in a game can see you walk away with decent money to take home as well.

A game's jackpot should not be the only deciding factor when choosing your slot entertainment.