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Casino House EdgeUnderstanding the casino house edge

Any casino has a certain house edge. For many the idea of the house edge is frightening. But have no fear; just because it’s there doesn’t mean you are doomed, especially here at Wishmaker!

We want you to win just as much as you do, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you not only understand the House Edge but also use it to your advantage while you’re playing with us.

What is house edge?

If you’re a beginner, then the term ‘house edge’ might seem strange to you. The house edge is the statistical advantage the casino has over a player on a game or bet. Simply put, it’s the advantage between your wagers and the pay-outs you receive over the long run. 

In an alternate universe, where there is no house edge, but purely a battle of odds you’d be playing with a 50/50 chance at either winning or losing. The house edge exist to keep a balance in the funds but still provide players with a real chance of winning. 

Use our guide and take advantage of the system by finding the games that suit you the best and with the best payouts. In the long run, this could put you one step ahead.


The house edge can be either very high or very low depending on which roulette variant you are playing. With roulette being a pretty straightforward game, our payouts are awarded when you hit a number or outside wager. In most cases, the payout odds on a single-zero roulette variant is much higher than on that of a double-zero roulette variant.  

As a new player or someone new to roulette, it might be odd to think there are different variants of one game. In the case of roulette, the variants offer you different types of gameplay which lead back to the early days of the game. The variants came about because every country that stumbled upon the game tried to put their own spin on it to make it more unique. After that, online casinos got their hands on it and brought in a few new elements to spice up the games even more. If you’re looking for a roulette variant with a twist, you must try our multi-ball or multi-table roulette variants.


The best way to beat the house edge in blackjack is by not getting overly committed to silly bets. Statistically speaking, blackjack can be one of the most profitable casino games for players. The house edge is generally between 0.5 and 0.6%, and by using simple tactics, you can win. The downside is that you will always have a disadvantage because you have to take your turn first instead of allowing the dealer to go first. Some might consider it a good thing to go first but in truth, it leaves you at a disadvantage - you have to place a bet with little information to go on. 

As with roulette, blackjack is offered in multiple variants with slightly different rules, including the dealer's positioning at the table and the payouts. Our best advice for beating the house edge is to look for the variant with the best payouts, insurance ratios and doubling rules.

Slot games

There are thousands of Online Slot Games with a multitude of themes and payouts. Payout combinations are determined by the number of reels and the specific symbols that land on the reels. When it comes to slot games, you can quickly determine the house edge by finding the Return to Player (RTP) percentage in the game info. This information can be found in the paytable and is quite easy to understand. If the RTP is 95%, it means that the slot will ‘pay out’ an average of 95 Euros (for example) for every 100 Euros you bet. One thing is for sure: a higher RTP will always be found in online casinos when compared to land-based equivalents.

How to avoid the house hedge

If you want the house edge in your favour, you should play smart and know when to stop. 

When playing blackjack think carefully before taking insurance and always keep in mind which variant you are playing. When playing roulette try to stick to the outside bets and place a few ‘back-up’ wagers on the inside of the table. Before you play any slot take a look at the pay table so that you’re aware of the long-term edge for you as a player. 

While you can’t avoid the house edge entirely, you can sometimes beat it by playing smartly and informatively. 

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